The hard drive suddendly stopped working, symptoms are ,when connected it spin for a bit making some clicking noise but different from headed malfunction ( i had that in the past).I really hope is just the pcb as the night before there was a black out in whole my area.

WD Scorpio Blue / SATA / 500 GB drive Date Manufacture 19 Oct 2010. Laptop unable to start with Fatal Hardware error. Currently in caddy spins up and then shuts down straight away. Not mountable in windows suspected pin or spindle failure. Also available to drop in to your clinic at Bank.

My external hardrive is by Verbatim. It was working perfectly fine one evening. I switched using it from a windows laptop to a mac, which I’ve been advised that it could have formatted my hard drive. It shows up as local drive e and that the parameter is incorrect. It does not open but however properties show it is working and that storage is still used up on it. I have a lot of data on there I would really like to back up and restore. Do you think you would be able to do help do so?

My iPhone 5s was stolen today and a series of images and videos were deleted before the phone was recovered by security. I want to get the images back but they are not backed up to the iCloud or iTunes. Would you be able to restore the images, even if the ‘deleted items’ folder has also been wiped? If so what is the general price for this service?

Maxtor hard drive that was dropped onto a hard surface. Cracked the case and no longer working. Makes strange noises . Price for recovering family photos from the drive. Please contact me by email in the first instance.

Received impact. Clicks and won’t boot.

It’s a LaCie hard drive; it is no longer showing any of it’s contents since i left it plugged into my laptop and the laptop ran out of power. You can plug it into my laptop and whilst you’ll see the LaCie icon appear on the Desktop when you actually open it you cannot see the usual list of files contained. It’s no use searching for the names of any files on the LaCie either. There is a ‘buffering’ kind of symbol in the ‘Finder’ browser – when you open the LaCie icon and look inside…but no contents eventually reveal themselves.

My external hard drive was working two days ago. I ejected the hard drive from the computer. Now when I connect, the light comes on the hard drive but the computer will not detect the hard drive. I have tried several computers (mac & windows) & new cable. I am unble to answer my phone at present so please can you contact me via email with a quote.