A nation is far different from what people see on the internet. Sure, the tourist spots are attractive and many people would want to go there because of it. However, many have no idea about the main struggles of the government to keep them appealing. They even construct more to make a good bond with other nations. Thus, it can often lead to economic crisis which is really hard to solve.

Citizens should also do their best to support and help improve the status of their nation. There are a lot of ways in improving our economy and it starts with a citizen. Implementing something would be hard since it will take a long time for it to be approved. Also, it would only cause conflict among many people and it does not assure that everyone follows. So, encouragement is needed.
Some would ignore the signs of economic problems because they think they are not a part of it. As a citizen, they play a huge part in the economy. That does not mean they have to become senators or presidents to solve these things. They themselves can do this as long as they are determined and will spread the word to others. That way, more individuals would do the same thing.
What one should do first is to support local business. Some may not be aware but every day, they buy things especially the ones they need. If so, it is best to purchase the ones that are locally made since the money would go directly to the owner and contribute more to the economy. If more money would be made within the country, it can surely grow in the long run and will continue to do so.
One should allocate his large expenses to something that has come from a big part of the economy. Just like groceries for instance. People buy them on a daily basis but sometimes, the buyers are not fully enlightened about the things they purchase. Now, they can change their habits.
Again, the money is better when spent for local products which would include the grocery items. It can really help homeowners or anyone in general the benefits. They must also participate in voting a candidate. First, they need to register and choose the ones with the best platform.
If that candidate wins, there would not be any problem at all because those problems would surely be realized. There is only a need for someone to be more supportive and should give all his best to stand for what is right. This will definitely encourage a lot of people to do the same.
Business owners should also do their part and they play the big role in the country. They should think of increasing the wages of their employees. This way, the workers would be motivated to do more and increase their daily productivity.

People should also support other things such as free education and lowering the poverty rate. If the rate of poverty is higher, it means the whole country is economically affected. They must only do their best as citizens.