Stay in a 5 star hotel and discover the caftan in Marrakech

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The caftan is one of the Moroccan ceremonial dresses, it is also a guarantee of elegance for the Moroccan woman. For years, this garment has evolved and changed according to the regions and times. The caftan results from the creativity of Moroccan craftsmen, but also from the inherited heritage that has been revisited by contemporary Moroccan couturiers. The caftan made its first appearance during the reign of the Merinid dynasty. This garment is also called takchita and, according to the information obtained from some researchers, it has grown in Andalusia. These same researchers maintain that Ziryab, the 19th century composer, was the first to wear a caftan in the region. Nowadays it is much more common, you will certainly meet a lot of people wearing this outfit by staying in a 5 star hotel in Marrakech.

The first caftans were discovered by Moroccan women in the 8th century, at the same time as Andalusia. From the 11th century onwards, this garment became an emblem. At that time the caftan is not only a ceremonial garment, it also symbolizes wealth since it is mainly the rich and noble people who wear it. The caftan was essentially intended for human use until the 17th century. Over the centuries, the garment has adapted to the way of life and the different cultures of Morocco. Today there are four traditional varieties of caftan. These varieties depend on the region in which you live. The traditional caftan that you will find near a 5-star hotel in Marrakech will certainly be different from that of Fez, Rabat or Meknes.

Some say that the caftan is a variation of the traditional dress found in the Ottoman Empire. Other people think that the caftan is a different version of the Roman draped clothes. The similarities are seen with traditional haik. In the 19th century, Morocco experienced a strong economic growth, the caftan began to rub against silks from China and fabrics from Lyon. We very often meet the caftan under all its colors in evenings in the 5-star hotels of Marrakech, it is justified by the fact that this luxury outfit has become the playground of the designers and creators, we generally find him embroideries in gold thread, or flowers of different colors, geometrical shapes, etc. Do not hesitate to offer you a caftan that will make you a magnificent memory.